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First polyclinic for Integrative and Quantum medicine

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Polyclinic As Medicus Biorezonanca

Polyclinic ‘As Medicus Biorezonanca’, founded in 1995, has been known for permanently introducing the latest achievements of contemporary diagnostics and therapeutic care. We offer you fast, high-quality and painless diagnostics and treatment for the whole body without radiation adverse effects.

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Our advantages

Qualified doctors

In our cutting-edge medical offices, doctors-specialists of all profiles, PhD doctors in medical sciences, professors from the Military Medical Academy and the Clinical Center care about your health

The most modern equipment

Our team uses the latest medical achievements in diagnostics and therapy in the field of Conventional and Quantum medicine

Individual approach

Our unique approach enables us to provide personalized diagnostics and therapy for each patient individually

Home visits

Due to modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, our team of doctors and therapists offers you home visits and complete service in your home

Our team

Package deals of specialized medical services and individual medical services

Prevention of disease and preservation of health is one of the main goals in polyclinic ‘As Medicus Biorezonanca’ medical approach. We offer you the following examination packages for both companies and individuals or families:

Polyclinic ‘AS MEDICUS BIOREZONANCA’ gives you an opportunity to combine your own examination and diagnostic methods, thus creating an examination package of your choice. Choose or compose your examination package and leave the rest to us.

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Popular Health Topics

Women in their forties gradually enter menopause. This carries drastic changes both on the body and in the soul. The first concern is to preserve bone and skeletal health as the risk of osteoporosis increases. During this time in a woman’s life, the metabolism slows down, which results in weight gain, so this requires a change in diet and more frequent physical activity, certainly after a recommendation of a nutritionist and physiatrist.
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Hypertension - a silent killer
The largest non-infectious disease of contemporary humanity is hypertension. It is a condition of persistent elevated blood pressure in people over 18 years of age, with values ​​over 140/90 mmHg.
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Gastritis and ulcer disease - present day diseases
The most common diseases in gastroenterological practice are gastritis and gastric and duodenal ulcers, which are most commonly in the group of psychosomatic diseases. Usually patients suffer pain in the stomach area, below the sternum and it is described as a burning sensation. In addition to pain, signs of ulcer dyspepsia include: pain, nausea, heartburn...
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Degenerative diseases of the spine and joints
Spondylosis - degenerative vertebral column disease. Arthrosis - degenerative joints disorder. Lumbago - a degenerative process of the lumbar spine. Degenerative process is an aging process that we cannot stop, but we can slow it down. How? By avoiding the risk factors that accelerate the process: physical inactivity, stress, smoking, alcohol, coffee...
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