Neurology and Psychiatry

Neurology deals with diagnostics and treatment of central and peripheral nervous system disorders, brain and spinal cord diseases while psychiatry deals with diagnostics and treatment of psychological disturbances and disorders caused by psychological, social and organic factors. 

A large number of neurological and psychiatric disorders require an integrative neuropsychiatric approach in diagnostics and treatment.

Besides the standard neurological exam we perform an exam with Bioresonance and Thermovision scanners where we can register the majority of neurological diseases. 

In therapy, in addition to medication, we use Microresonance informational therapy (MRT) – a modern and efficient method of treatment without the use of medication, which is painless and is applicable for all ages and for many neurological diseases.

We treat all cerebral circulation disorders, trigeminal neuralgia, paresis facialis, migraines and all types of headaches, atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, sciatica,  etc.


Psychiatric examination helps determine diagnosis, therapy, and make an evaluation on the psychological state of the patient.

Our neuropsychiatrist, Dr. Aleksandar Sinicki, uses  psychotherapy as well – psychodynamically oriented, supportive or in-depth and treats all types of neurosis and depression conditions, crisis and anxious states, managerial diseases, stressful events and all kinds of psychosis. 

Most commonly, the combination of medication and  Microresonance therapy is performed, as well as psychotherapy, music therapy and phytotherapy (herbal therapy) which all combined achieve a much better effect than the conventional method of treatments.

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