Darkfield microscopy

Darkfield microscopy or uncoagulated blood sample microscopic exam is a modern method of balance estimation - homeostasis in the body.  Blood is the mirror of the body from which we can get very important information about our current health condition as well as an insight into potential risks of illnesses in the future. 

Unlike an ordinary microscope, electron microscope with a video camera provides testing of uncoagulated, live, blood drop observed under contrasting light. In this way, all the changes in the blood (plasma and blood elements) are clearly visible until the blood has not yet coagulated.  Therefore all the processes in the blood could be seen in natural environment, as if we are observing a microcosm within the body. 

This analysis gives us an insight into the quality of blood and it reveals a lot about the general body health and probable risks in the future, if homeostasis is permanently impaired. 

Conditions of reduced resistance, lack of vitamins and proteins, damages due to free radicals, malfunction of the liver and spleen – all this can be detected months or years before conventional diagnostic methods detect it.

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The advantage of this method is that both the doctor and the patient with the help of a special video camera are able to see on the screen the enlarged picture of patient's blood in live movement as well as all pathological changes, while during the control exam they can see the effect of advised changes in lifestyle, diet and the use of herbal remedies. This increases our motivation to persevere on our path to health. 

This method aims to educate people about their health and to promote preventive mindset.

What is determined by Darkfield microscopy?

  • The quality of blood cells (red, white and platelets) and blood plasma

  • Adverse effects of free radicals on blood cells and the need for taking antioxidants

  • Digestion quality in all stages

  • Predisposition for atherosclerotic changes in blood vessels

  • A tendency for anemia, cardiovascular problems, allergies, etc.

  • The presence of cholesterol crystals, uric acid (which may indicate a risk of gout)

  • The presence of microorganisms - bacteria, parasites, fungi

  • The presence of heavy metals and fibrin threads

Darkfield microscopy is a method of Integrative medicine that combines the knowledge from both conventional and traditional medicine, with individual approach to each patient.

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