Quantum medicine

Quantum medicine is a qualitatively new and modern approach in diagnostics and therapy. It is based on the discovery of biological resonance and uses knowledge in medicine, quantum physics, biophysics and electronics. 

It is a new branch of medicine that provides quick, painless and noninvasive diagnostics and treatment of diseases in all areas of medicine. 

Unlike conventional medicine, which heals diseases, Quantum-informational  medicine deals with the state of the health system and the system of self-regulation, self-healing. 

It is a holistic medicine that restores and maintains the body into a state of balance which we call health. For each patient there is a separate, individual approach. It is non-invasive and has no side effects. The whole person is treated and not just his diagnosis.

Each cell in the body represents an electromagnetic unit that emits specific electromagnetic waves of ideal frequency as a result of biochemical processes in it. When this frequency changes due to the effects of external and internal factors, then biochemical processes are changing as well which leads to formation of disease.

The disease does not develop immediately. It has four phases. The first is the informational  which leads to the second, energy phase and those two phases can only be detected by Quantum medicine devices. Only in the third phase is it possible to see changes in laboratory exams and in the fourth phase there is a clinically evident disease that often requires lifelong medication therapy. The goal in Quantum medicine is preventing dysfunction in the first two phases from developing into a disease. Months or years before sings of psychosomatic disease in the body appear, there is already information in the form of electromagnetic spectrum cells disorders, therefore the diseases can be predicted and prevented.

That is why Quantum medicine is the medicine of health and not the medicine of disease!!!

Our mission is to achieve a healthy, smiling and happy person!
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