Quantum medicine

Aleksandar Sinicki, M.D., neuropsychiatrist and specialist of Quantum medicine

What is Quantum Medicine?

It is a new branch of medicine that provides quick, painless and non-invasive diagnostics for the whole body and treatment of diseases in all areas of medicine, without radiation adverse effects.

As a qualitatively new and modern approach in diagnostics and therapy, Quantum medicine is based on the discovery of biological resonance and it uses knowledge from Eastern and Western medicine, quantum physics, biophysics and electronics.

Quantum medicine is a holistic medicine that restores and as well keeps the body in a state of balance. We call this state of balance - health. It has a separate, individual approach for each individual. It has no side effects and it is non-invasive. We examine and treat the whole person, not just their diagnosis.

Each cell, which represents an electromagnetic unit, as a result of biochemical processes in it, emits specific electromagnetic waves of an ideal frequency. The formation of disease occurs when that ideal frequency changes due to the effects of external and internal factors, which also changes the biochemical processes in it.

The development of a disease is not immediate, it has 4 stages. The first 2 phases, the informational that leads to the second, energy phase, can only be detected by the Quantum Medicine devices. Only in the third phase we notice obvious changes in the laboratory exams and in the fourth phase we have an already clinically evident disease which often requires lifelong medication therapy. Preventing the initial dysfunction in the first two phases from developing into a disease is the goal in Quantum medicine, because months and years before development of psychosomatic diseases, there is already information in the body in the form of electromagnetic cell disorders, so we can predict and prevent the disease.

This is why we call the Quantum medicine - the medicine of health, not the medicine of disease!

Aleksandar Sinicki , M.D. and Nina Sinicki, M.D., PhD, Quantum medicine pioneers in the Balkans

What is the difference between Quantum and conventional medicine?

Quantum medicine is focused on the healthy state of the body, examining the body from health to sickness, and it deals with the system of self-regulation, self-healing, unlike conventional medicine which treats diseases.

What is Integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine is a combination of conventional and Quantum medicine.

As Medicus polyclinic is the first polyclinic for Integrative medicine and for 25 years has had unique approach in treating with conventional and Quantum medicine because only in this way can we examine the patient holistically - as a whole.

Which devices in the field of Quantum medicine are used for diagnostics and which ones for therapy?

The most powerful devices in the field of Quantum medicine are Bioresonance and Thermovision scanners for diagnostic purposes, and Microresonance and Rikta therapy for therapeutical purposes.

Polyclinic As Medicus Biorezonanca is unique in its diagnostics approach because only in our polyclinic we provide a combination of Bioresonance and Thermovision Scanners for the whole body examination.

Bioresonance and Thermovision scanner images

What does an exam by a Quantum medicine doctor look like?

The examination begins with an anamnesis which includes a conversation with the patient, insight into their health symptoms and complaints as well as past medical history. This is followed by an objective part of the examination, where the physician, neuropsychiatrist, examines the patient and evaluates their physical and mental condition (blood pressure measurment, lung auscultation, coversation with the patient so that he can examine their psycho- emotional state etc.).

This is followed by testing through Thermovision scanner which, after computer processing, shows a thermal "human portrait" on the screen, a thermogram, with zones of increased or lowered temperature, which leads to the conclusion about impaired function in certain organs and tissues and whether it is an inflammatory, degenerative, benign or suspectedly malignant process.

After the testing on Thermovision Scanner, we move on to the next stage of examination through Bioresonance Scanner, which, starting from the earliest phase, can diagnose diseases of all organs and systems in all stages of the disease, in 3D technology.

After examination, the physician examines all the results and then explains to the patient in detail the overall condition of his body and proposes further therapy, if neccessary.

The examination lasts about an hour and a half.

What do we obtain through examination with Quantum Medicine?

Examination through Bioresonance and Thermovision Scanners includes diagnostics of the whole body - all internal organs, the bone- joint system, complete circulation and innervation, testing for the presence of allergens, bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites, as well as the patient's psycho- emotional state.

This examination provides insight into the patient's complete health condition; we can identify a predisposition for certain diseases and diagnose already established diseases. Furthermore, we can suggest the best possible therapy.

What exactly is diagnosed through Quantum Medicine?

We examine the head, neck, thorax, heart, lungs, thyroid gland, breasts, gastrointestinal tract (esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine - examined without invasive diagnostic methods such as gastroscopy and colonoscopy) as well as urogenital tract, bone-joint system, and complete circulation and innervation.

We can detect the presence of bacteria, viruses and parasites. Allergens and medicines that the patient brings with them are tested as well, and a special segment of this exam is the food intolerance test.

We can qualitatively determine blood count and biochemical changes without taking blood samples.

Who can be examined through Bioresonance and Thermovision Scanners?

The Bioresonance and Thermovision scanners are applicable for all ages, children and pregnant women. It is necessary for the patient to cooperate (children ages 7 and up) and to be able to stand still for about 10 minutes during the examination.

Patient during an exam through Bioresonance and Thermovision Scanner

How much does whole body diagnostics through Quantum Medicine cost?

Diagnostics through Quantum Medicine replaces multiple specialists exams, various testings, and laboratory analysis, while there are no radiation adverse effects and no side effects. This unique system provides the patient with the best choice of therapy (Quantum medicine therapy, homeopathy, herbal therapy, medication). When we sum up all the examinations that we would need to do at various specialists in order to be examined completely, we come to a conclusion that one such examination is very affordable and accessible to retired people and people with low income. The complete price list for Quantum Medicine services in our clinic can be found here.

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