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The As Medicus Biorezonanca Clinic, founded in 1995, is known for constantly introducing the latest developments in modern diagnostics and therapy. It provides you with fast, quality and painless diagnostics and therapy for the whole organism without harmful radiation.

The polyclinic has been operating in a new, larger area since 2006, in the heart of Vračar, on the Red Cross, at 71 Sazonova Street (ex Filip Filipović).


O nama | As Medicus
O nama | As Medicus


For patients on the other side of the Sava and Danube 2010. a new clinic was opened at Bežanijska Kosa, near the market, 13/2 Ljubinka Bobić Street.

In the modern offices, over 300m2 of office space is occupied by doctors of various profiles, doctors of medical sciences, professors from the Military Medical Academy and the Clinical Center.

As Medicus Biorezonanca is the first polyclinic for integrative medicine in this area. It is the first in our country to introduce bioresonance and quantum information diagnostics and therapy.

What sets it apart from other polyclinics is a blend of classic diagnostic methods and a new direction in 21st-century medicine - Quantum-information medicine with the latest knowledge in biophysics and electronics.

In the field of quantum medicine, the most powerful devices are the Bioresonance and Thermovision Scanner and the Darkfield microscope for diagnostic purposes, as well as the Microresonance and Rikta therapy for therapeutic purposes.

All diagnostic and therapeutic methods have usable certificates and permission from the Ministry of Health.



Polyclinic As Medicus Bioreozonanca has won numerous international awards for innovations and business improvement in the field of medicine. Nina Nikolovska Sinicki, M.D., PhD, specialist of ENT diseases and Quantum medicine, received the prestigious award SUCCESS FLOWER, in 2019, awarded by the Association of Business Women of Serbia, for innovations in the field of medicine.

About us | As Medicus


The same year, polyclinic As Medicus Biorezonanca received an international award "CREATORS FOR THE CENTURIES" , for Central and Southeastern Europe, for the development of ideas and innovations in the field of medicine and entrepreneurship. The prestigious award was assigned to the polyclinic by a committee of 15 experts from 11 countries.

About us | As Medicus


These awards are a great incentive for the polyclinic for further innovations in diagnostics and therapy. As the first polyclinic for integrative medicine and as a pioneer of Quantum Medicine in the Balkans, polyclinic As Medicus Biorezonanca continues its path towards further discoveries, improvements and contributions to the world medicine.

Our mission is to achieve a healthy, smiling and happy person!
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