Thermovision scanner

This is a modern method of fast and early diagnostics which ‘As Medicus Biorezonanca’ polyclinic has utilized for more than 20 years.

Since the invention of the thermometer, it has been known that every disease changes the body’s temperature or the temperature of the diseased organ. On that basis, a special camera was made, that registers changes within fractions of a degree in a given organ of the body. It registers changes in infrared body emission when pathological processes in the body result in temperature changes.

Zdrava glavahealthy
Tumor hipofizepituitary tumor
Zdrave grudihealthy
Rak dojkebreast cancer

After computer processing, on the screen one can see a thermal "portrait of a person" - a thermogram, portraying areas of increased or decreased temperature. Based on analysis of the thermogram, conclusions are made with regard to improper function of various organs and tissues and whether infection, degeneration, benign processes or suspected malignancy are applicable.

The Thermovision scanner method was first used in human medicine in Europe, the USA and Asia 50 years ago, but it was perfected in recent years with the advances in technique and electronics.

Advantages of Thermovision:

  • Non-invasive (without contrasts, radiation and enclosed space)

  • It diagnoses the disease in its early phases, while no organic changes are yet present, which conventional medical devices cannot detect, and in the stages of organic lesions and structural changes

  • It tests all functions and systems of the body

  • It detects over 200 different diseases in the earliest stage

  • It requires no special preparation

  • The patient can see his photographic recordings – thermograms on the screen

Zdrav stomakhealthy
Rak pankreasapancreatic cancer
Upala žučne keseinflammation of the gallbladder

Thermovision very accurately diagnoses breast, heart and blood vessel diseases, as well as thyroid gland, stomach, kidney, rheumatic and neurological diseases, among many others.

Zdrave nogehealthy
Proširene venevaricose veins
Proširene venevaricose veins

Thermovision is certified as an early diagnostic method by the FDA - American Commission for food and drugs, the European Union and the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Zdrava leđahealthy

Thermal (Thermovision) scanner offers the patient fast and high-quality diagnostics and complete information about the health condition of their body, all in one place and without exposing the patient to any harmful radiation.

In some countries the Thermovision scanner is used for mass prophylactic scanning of the collectives for the purpose of early detection and treatment of many diseases.

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