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Women in their forties gradually enter menopause. This carries drastic changes both on the body and in the soul. The first concern is to preserve bone and skeletal health as the risk of osteoporosis increases.

During this time in a woman’s life, the metabolism slows down, which results in weight gain, so this requires a change in diet and more frequent physical activity, certainly after a recommendation of a nutritionist and physiatrist. Bad mood, dissatisfaction, lack of energy and constant fatigue also occur in this period.

The priority in this period in life is certainly health care, so it is necessary to have a complete checkup with hormonal status and laboratory blood analysis. If you are overweight, or you have a sedentary lifestyle and you are under chronic stress, you are in a risk group for diabetes, so you certainly need an endocrinologist’s consultation. In this period, regular breast examination is also necessary.

Our polyclinic gives you an opportunity to examine the whole body in one hour with Bioresonance and Thermovision scanners, which as a major systematic checkup includes all organs and systems. In addition, both methods are non-invasive, without radiation adverse effects and contrasts, and they can detect breast changes with high precision.

Another very good, preventable clinical method is Darkfield microscopy or an uncoagulated blood sample microscopic exam that can detect changes in blood (plasma and blood elements). This method provides indications for prevention, adequate diet change and the use of antioxidants and herbal remedies, which significantly reduces the risk of the disease.

Due to natural changes in the body, as well as the sedentary lifestyle, the body shape and mobility are slowly weakened, so the lumbar and cervical spinal pain is the first one to occur. It is therefore necessary to have an examination by a physiatrist who determines the appropriate exercises for the preservation of bone and joint system.

In addition to non-invasive diagnostics and conventional treatment, in the Polyclinic ’As Medicus Biorezonanca’ we use Microresonance therapy, which acts on the entire spectrum of pathologies, whether in menopause or in multimorbidity i.e. simultaneous presence of multiple diseases.