Rikta therapy

Specialists in quantum physics, biophysics and engineers in the field of high technologies offered a new direction in health care, called Quantum medicine.

This medicine is not based on chemical products but rather on electromagnetic therapy - a method that is based on simultaneous effect of several types of bio-stimulative electromagnetic waves on the body, which are of low intensity and are safe for the body.

Rikta therapy is easy to use and it is effective in the prevention of wide range of diseases. It can be effectively  used as mono-therapy or as an additional method of treatment in the field of cardiology, gastroenterology, urology, neurology, gynecology and obstetrics, orthopedics and traumatology, surgery, dental care, ENT, dermatology, psychiatry, oncology, etc.

Many years of research on therapeutic effects of Quantum Rikta therapy led to a selection of the most efficient forms of electromagnetic radiation therapy that the Rikta device delivers:

  • Coherent infrared laser radiation
  • Broadband infrared radiation
  • Red visible light
  • Magnetic field


The laser device of low power is effective in rapid pain relief which is achieved after 3-4 sessions that last 5-10 min. each. While treating the hurting area there is an improvement in local blood circulation, an increase in oxygen delivery and disposal of toxic substances.

The advantages of Quantum therapy are high prophylactic potential, significant reduction of prescribed medication dosages and an increase in their efficiency. It shortens the treatment periods by 2-3 times and is as well noninvasive, environmentaly safe and has no side effects.

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