Specialists exam packages


’As Medicus Biorezonanca’ polyclinic offers you specialists exam packages for employees and the possibility of combining different exams. We have at our disposal the latest medical technology for fast, noninvasive and high quality diagnostics and treatment without radiation adverse effects.



  • Endocrinology examination with thyroid gland ultrasound
    Price: 7000 RSD



  • Cardiological exam with an ECG and heart ultrasound
    Price: 7000 RSD



  • Gynecological exam, ultrasound examination of small pelvis and genital organs, colposcopy with Pap Nicolau smear
    Price: 8000 RSD



  • Urological examination with abdominal ultrasound
    Price: 7000 RSD


Our polyclinic exists since 1995 and it is dedicated to its patients. Examinations are performed on two locations in Belgrade, Vračar (71 Sazonova street) and Bežanijska Kosa (13/2 Ljubinke Bobić street).
For your convenience our lab techinician will take blood and urine samples at your place of work.


Our mission is to achieve a healthy, smiling and happy person!
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