Price list for Gynecology services

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Gynecologist’s examination 4000 RSD
Gynecologist’s examination with ultrasound 6000 RSD
Gynecological ultrasound 4000 RSD
Ultrasound examination for pregnant women (up to the 12th week of gestation) 4000 RSD
Ultrasound examination for pregnant women (from 12th week of gestation) 5000 RSD
Colposcopy 3000 RSD
Gynecological examination with colposcopy 6000 RSD
Gynecological Kit
Includes: gynecological examination, ultrasound examination of small pelvis and genital organs, colposcopy with vaginal and cervical swabs, Pap smear and VS (Vaginal Secretion group determination)
7200 RSD
Ovulation monitoring 5000 RSD
Pap smear 1000 RSD
Vaginal swab 600 RSD
Cervical swab 600 RSD
Chlamydia (cervix swab) 1200 RSD
Micoplasma and Ureaplasma swab 2300 RSD
Vaginal secretion group determination 600 RSD